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Novozymes and Chr. Hansen have joined forces to create Novonesis, a leading biosolutions partner. Working closely with our customers, we’re transforming how the world produces and consumes almost everything.

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Welcome to The Probiotics Institute by Chr. Hansen. Here you will find science-based information about probiotics and their positive effects on human health.
We have more than 145 years of experience and history of improving food and health.

What are probiotics?
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About probiotics

At Chr. Hansen, our strains are backed by science. All of our probiotic strains are supported by clinical documentation. Learn more about the beneficial effects our strains have on different health areas. 

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What is so special about

 our Chr. Hansen probiotics?

Chr. Hansen probiotic strains are some of the world’s most documented. The health benefits of our strains have been proven across all ages and in numerous health areas after rigorous investigation in clinical trials. They are safe to consume, are of high-quality and our gentle production methods lead to live, stable bacteria.